Important Dates

January – May
Arrival: January first days
IFSA-México Orientation: January 5 – 17
University Classes Begin: January 12
Field Excursion #1 Uxmal: January 10
Field Excursion #2 Chichen-Itzà: January 17
Field Excursion #3 Hda. Aisti: January 24
Field Excursion #4 Chiapas:
Social Service in Yaxunah:
Apr. 4 – 7April 8 -11
Holiday (Carnival): February 23 – 24
Holiday (Holy week): April 6 – 10
Holiday (Passover): April 13 – 17
Classes End: May 6
Final Exams: May 9 – 13
*Program Ends: May 13
Departure date: May 14
August – September *
Arrival Date Aug. 21 (all day)
Program Orientation Aug. 24-Sep. 3
Classes Begin Aug. 30*
Field Excursion #1 Telcah Pto. Aug. 27
Field Excursion #2 Uxmal Aug. 28
Field Excursion #2 Chichen-Itzà Aug. 29
Independence Day Celeb. Sep. 15
Social Service in Yaxunah: Sep. 16, 17, 18 & 19
Field Excursion #5 Chiapas: Oct. 29, 30, 31 & Nov. 1, 2
Classes End Dec. 3
Final Exams Dec. 6-10
Program Ends Dec. 10
Departure Date Dec. 11

Program Requirements

Uxmal, México
As an IFSA-Butler student, you are subject to the academic regulations of IFSA-Butler.

Please note that these regulations take precedence over those at your home institution and those from UADY. If you have any questions concerning your academic obligations as a student of IFSA-Butler, please contact your resident director or the IFSA-Butler Indianapolis office immediately.

Additionally, you are responsible for knowing the academic requirements of your home school and adhering to its rules. Lastly, you are also subject to the academic rules of UADY.

Course Load and Credit Conversion

You are required to take a full course load as determined by IFSA-Butler.

You will enroll in 15-16 U.S. semester credit hours of approximately five courses each semester.

The number of courses that you will take is determined by the credit value of the courses selected. Any combination of courses that totals 15-16 U.S. semester credit hours  will be permitted. All courses at UADY are worth 3 U.S. semester credit hours, including your Spanish language course.

Outside of the program courses, you will be registered to take regular classes with other Mexican students. During the two-week orientation program, we will begin the registration process for your courses. If you still don’t know which courses you want to sign up for, access UADY’s Web site (under “oferta académica”), where you can access course listings and descriptions from most colleges at UADY.

At UADY you will be able to take courses from any of the colleges listed below. The most popular colleges where students take the majority of their courses are Anthropology, Psychology and Business.


Following are the Web sites for each college:

Facultad de Ciencias Antropológicas:

Facultad de Psicología:

Facultad de Contaduría y Administración:

Facultad de Economía:

Facultad de Arquitectura:

Facultad de Educación:

IFSA-Butler and UADY do not allow students to audit courses. If you register and attend a course, you will be expected to attend and to present a final.

You may receive a fail if you do not take the exam. If you attempt to attend a course for which you are not registered, you will be asked by the professor to leave the room until you can present proof of enrollment.

Program Courses: Optional and Required

Students will take one mandatory Advanced Spanish course developed especially for IFSA-Butler. You are required to take this class, regardless of the level of your Spanish or if you have already complied with all the Spanish or general education requirements from your home university. No exemptions will be made. Local Spanish faculty is highly prepared to teach you in a one-on-one basis if necessary, in order to ensure you are placed at the appropriate level.

The required Spanish course will start at the same time as the other regular courses.  This course is worth 3 U.S. credit hours, meets for  60 hours during the semester.

During Fall, you may also take the optional program course: History of the USA-México Relations and during Spring the optional course is: Subacuatic archeology of caves and cenotes. We strongly encourage you to take these courses as they have been designed to help you put the learning you will be exposed to into context.

It is important to mention that program courses are organized to give you the chance to review material that might not necessarily be offered by UADY during that particular semester.

However, program courses have the same requirements of any other UADY regular course in terms of participation, attendance and evaluation procedures.

Taking a program course does not mean that you will earn an automatic A or that the course will be easier. You still have to comply with all its requirements to be able to successfully pass the course.



  1. You must schedule a meeting with an academic tutor at least once per week.
  2. Once you establish the schedule, you need to inform the academic director, RD or program assistant. You cannot arrange tutorials independently.
  3. You must keep track of the times and dates when you meet and report these to the RD or PA on a weekly basis.
  4. Tutorials are arranged only for IFSA-Butler program participants. If students from other programs are having difficulty in the class, they will need to arrange their own tutorials. No student from other programs can attend the same tutorial.
  5. Although tutors are students from upper grades or recent graduates, you still need to arrive to your tutorial on time and treat it as a class. Tutorials are not social opportunities.
  6. Tutors are chosen to help you with understanding the content, writing styles, professors’ expectations, etc. Tutors are not expected to be EXPERTS in a particular field to be able to assist you with a class.
  7. Tutors might suggest additional reading material, so you can better understand the content, (which you are required to do).
  8. Tutors are not going to do your homework or write your papers for you.
  9. Tutorials have to be conducted at an academic setting: library, college, or classroom. They cannot be held at a bar, cafeteria or at the beach.

Academic Tutors

Silvia Navarrete  Telephone: 999 1216778   E-mail:

Rodrigo Llanes  Telephone: 999 1694861

Astrid Vargas Telephone: 999 1226363  E-mail:

Andrea Coronel Telephone: 999 2653425 E-mail:



Upon successful completion of the program, an official Butler University transcript will be sent to your home institution and to your permanent home address.

The grade report issued by an overseas institution is considered a legal document, and IFSA-Butler cannot alter the grades or courses—the transcript must reflect the original document’s content.

We can make a change in class title or credit only if we receive a revised grade report document from the overseas university registrar (or equivalent office). We will not change a grade if we receive a letter from a university official, a university professor or a student if it has not first gone through the registrar at the host university.

All official grades and assessment reports are sent directly to IFSA-Butler from UADY. No grades may be released directly to students or to their home universities.

If your instructor provides your grade online, please realize that this is not an official grade. However, you may use this information as an indicator of how you did. If it does not seem correct, inquire with the instructor.

Additionally, although your home university may accept your overseas grades as pass/ fail only, graduate schools will want to see your actual overseas grades. Most will require that you provide your Butler University transcript, on which U.S. letter grades and U.S. semester credit hours appear.

Most U.S. study abroad offices have a written policy on credit earned toward the degree at an overseas institution and how it is recorded on the permanent record. It is best to have checked with your home college to find out the policy on transfer credit before you arrived; however, if questions arise, e-mail your study abroad advisor.

Some U.S. colleges and universities do not transfer credit for courses in which you have earned less than a C.

Due to differences between the overseas and American academic systems, the transcript may take as long as five months after completing the study abroad program. Most American universities are accustomed to this delay and will accept a phone call or letter from our office as explanation.

Study Abroad Period: Transcript Sent:
Fall Spring
January-February June-July

You may find yourself in jeopardy of losing academic scholarships and/or financial aid because your grades are not released in a timely manner by UADY. To help you avoid penalties resulting from delayed transcripts, we are more than willing to provide letters of explanation. Please contact IFSA-Butler if you need assistance.

What you can do to help expedite your transcript:

  • Be sure we have complete and accurate information about the courses you took and when you took them
  • Speak to your overseas professors about any special deadlines you have for receiving grades and let you RD know that this is the case
  • Make sure all IFSA-Butler fees are paid, library books are returned and fines paid, no damages exist in your housing, and no other debt exists in your name when you return to the U.S.

Rush Transcripts

Many IFSA-Butler participants apply to graduate, law and medical schools and often request grades before we receive them.

If you intend to apply to graduate study following completion of the study abroad program, you should notify both the resident director in and the IFSA-Butler office in Indianapolis office (in writing) before returning to the U.S.

You must complete the Rush Transcript Request Form in the back of the handbook as part of this procedure. While we will make every effort to expedite the transcript, we cannot make any guarantees.

Additional Transcripts

Additional transcripts must be ordered directly through the Office of Registration and Records at Butler University. Requests for an official copy of your Butler University transcript may be submitted in person, by mail, or by fax.

You may use the Transcript Request Form on the Butler University Web site ( or send a note providing similar information. Please indicate on the form that you were an IFSA-Butler student. Transcript requests must contain the student’s legal signature.

There is a $9 fee for each transcript requested. Butler University will accept cash, check or credit card. All transcripts are official documents, and each is provided in a sealed envelope unless you specify otherwise. Transcripts cannot be faxed. All transcript requests are processed within 5 working days of receipt.

You may submit your request by fax to (317) 940-6539, or by mail to:
Butler University
Registration and Records
4600 Sunset Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46208
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Office of Registration and Records at (317) 940-9203 or (800) 368-6852 extension 9203, or by e-mail at University will not issue a transcript where there is an outstanding IFSA-Butler account balance, including library fines, unpaid telephone bills, and any costs resulting from damages to IFSA-Butler or host university facilities.